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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


As some people have asked about them I'll share some information on the French 1808-1815 figures I have for sale just in case you (or someone you know) might be interested:

6 Battalions of 32 figs. A mix of OLD GLORY and AB Miniatures.

They are predominantly OG, but there are some AB 'Enthusiastic', Officers and Musicians, rank and file and casualties on the bases to add a bit of flavour.

A note on the basing:

Each battalion has 8 'half size' bases with 4 figs 2 x 2. Two bases combined make a single 'LASALLE' base of 8 figs in two ranks. This creates a basing suitable for Lasalle or Napoleon at War or AGE OF EAGLES. Will probably work for the vast majority of rule systems.
So you end up with either 6 LASALLE Battalions of 8 bases each
8 Napoleon at War (NaW) Battalions of 6 bases each

Professionally painted and based to 'MUSEUM STANDARD' by REINFORCEMENTS BY POST. VERY NICE.

Asking for $75.00 per battalion; (seriously a BARGAIN).

Also have a Battery of 4 guns and a battery of 3 guns (Horse Artillery) and Command, (Napoleon and ADC plus two Brigade Commanders (not pictured).

Essentially it's an Infantry Division.

I'll sell all 6 Battalions and Artillery and Command figures, (Mounted Napoleon with 2 mounted ADC, and Two Brigade Commanders) for $500.00 (Or Nearest Offer) postage free.

I'll also include some spare Battalion Command bases for making extra NAPOLEON AT WAR Battalions.

Also available are some cavalry, Chasseurs a Cheval and Carabineers.
I also have some Penensular War British. 2 LARGE Dragoon Regts, 2 Light Dragoon Regts and 3 Batery's of 3 guns each. Also available is two British Command Bases.
Send an email to: if you want to make an offer.
I'm only selling these as they are surplus to needs.

Only Brits left.


Dan said...

Hi Scott, why are you selling them?

Trailape said...

Hi Danl
The French I'm selling because they are surplus to need (I have over two divisions of French for 1809-15) and I have a French Division for 1806.
My Brits I'm building for 100 days, so any Penensular War stuff I'm moving on, (though I might change my mind on that call)