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Saturday, September 26, 2009

18mm Napoleonic Bavarians, Poles and Saxons

Hi All
Recently I asked my old army mate Dan Dunbar ( of GUNNER's WARGAMING fame) to paint some AB Miniatures Bavarians and Saxons for me. Here is his handy work.
The Bavarian Line Regiments are Nos. 1, 4, 7, 11 and 12. The Light Battalion is "Buttler". I also commissioned Dan to paint the Bavarian Lancer Regt. Most of the miniatures are AB Miniatures, but there are a few Fantassin Miniatures thrown into the mix for added variety, (but only amoungst the Bavarians. All are on LITKO Bases. The Flags are FREE downloads from NAP FLAGS! As you can seee the ABs and FANTASSIN miniatures mix well. As usual I got the ABs from EUREKA MINIATURES and the Fantassin Figs from SCALE CREEP. I highly recommend both suppliers. See links to their shops at left.

Below are two pictures of the Bavarian Lancers:

Below: Saxon Line Infantry Regiment "Prinz Maximillian". I get the vast majority of my painting / uniform guides from the Lienhart & Humbert Tafel site HERE.

Here is a close up of the SAXON Light Infantry, showing Dan's work to good effect.

The Polish Line Infantry Battalions seen below were purchased pre-painted from DRAGON PAINTING SERVICES via Ebay. Very nicely done. I've based them on LITKO bases.

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Marcus said...

Nice mate.. love your blog..

Trailape said...

Hi Marcus
Thanks for the kind words.
Like all good Gunners, I aim to please,..

Peeler said...

Hi Trail, had a good look through, damned impressive Blog, well done! :-)

Trailape said...

Hi Peeler
I've linked to your Blog. Very impressive.

Peeler said...

Thankingyou. :-)

christot said...

I love these figures...(bearing in mind I'm a 25mm only luddite)
great stuff

Anonymous said...

Sam Mustafa needs photos of Napoleonic Bavarians - I can think of no better figures than yours to grace his forthcoming book.

TMP has the details :-