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Friday, June 5, 2009

Dan's Work!

Hi All
I recently made contact with an old Army Mate of mine. I had not heard from him in about 10 or so years. We had served in the same Artillery Regiment together. Dan is his name.
If I remember correctly I think it was my mate Dal and myself that introduced Dan to historical wargames, (but i could be wrong). One thing I'm not wrong about was how good a painter he turned out to be. A real natural!
We all know the type. You say to yourself, "I show this newbie my magnificently painted Byzantine army that I've been working on the last 12 months. He'll be impressed and inspire to do an army of his own. Sure, it won't be as good as mine, after all, I have 20-something years of painting experiance behind me,..."

A week later he trots out an army the same size that makes yours look like it was painted by a half blind brain damaged chimp using damp crayons. You just wanna punch him in the throat!

Anyway, Dan is a good guy, and has offered to paint up the Bavarian, Wurtemburg and Saxon elements of my Grand Army of 1812 / 13.
Here are some pictures of his work thus far: Top three pictures, 1st Wurtemburg Infantry Regiment, "Prince Paul". Below is Wurtemburg 1st Light Infantry Battalion and Bottom we have the Jager Regiment, "Konig"

Now I just need to get some Wurtemberg flags!!
Soon I'll post some pictures of my Westphalians that I recently based and flocked.
BTW, if anyone's is interested, Dan used Games workshops (GW), "Dwarf Flesh" and GW Brown Ink to achieve the excellent skin tones on the figures above. He uses mainly Vallejo and GW paints. Dan has his own BLOG now, called Gunners Wargame . Check it out!
Cheers for now!


bachelu said...

I know the feeling. I have been painting 28mm Napoleonics for some four years after a lapse of about 15. I thought I was OK until I started to scan the web. Now they look like BLOBS to me. I'm sure they're not that bad but that's my perception. Yours are great. By the way, I'm in Melbourne too.


Trailape said...

Hi Edward
Melbourne. Where?
I'm at Broadford, but work in St Kilda East / Windsor.

Red Cardinal said...

This is possibly kind of an irrelevant comment, but GW's paints are actually by Vallejo. It's Vallejo's fantasy range rebranded and renamed. Wouldn't put it past GW to increase the price either :)

Anyway, beautifully painted minis!

Trailape said...

Thanks for the tip